Home Loans During A Recession? The True Boogie Monster

By Tom Martens

A recession brings about economic uncertainty, because consumers are not willing to spend money, and banks are not always willing to lend it. But part of that is hearsay, as a recession is a great time to take out a loan.

Believe it or not, a recession is a good time to buy a home because interest rates tend to be lower which will save the buyer thousands of dollars. But never enter a home loan negotiation processed unprepared.

Pull your credit score. Individuals need a high credit score to qualify for good home loan rates during a recession. Examine the report for errors and fix them immediately. High balances on the credit card' You must pay them off. What about late payments on the credit card' Establish a history of at least six months to a year of strong payment.

Second, make sure you have money in the bank. You will not only need between three and 20 percent of the home's total cost for a down payment, but you will also need a minimum of two or three months of mortgage payments in the bank. These are called reserves, and most lenders require reserves in order to obtain a home loan. Your lender can provide specific details on the down payment and reserves requirements.

Make sure you can verify your employment, income and assets. It's not just enough to tell the home loan provider that you have a job and some money in the bank. You will need to provide documentation like paycheck stubs and bank account statements in order to secure a home loan.

This documentation is even more important if you are applying for a home loan during a recession because you need to prove to the lender that you can afford the home loan and will make your monthly home loan payments. Be prepared to provide at least three months worth of documentation. Collect the necessary documentation and have it on hand prior to applying for the home loan in order to speed up the application and approval process.

Don't be afraid to negotiate with your home loan provider during a recession. Home loan providers need business, but especially during a recession when home purchases may have slowed down. Shop around and see who offers the best deal with the best rates. Let your home loan provider know you're talking to the competition and see if they can offer you a better deal.

Buying a home is time consuming and intimidating, but a lot of that stress is reduced with the appropriate steps already conducted by the prospective home owner. This includes a strong credit report and proof of available funds. - 31382

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