Give Your Bank Checks a Different Kind of Look with Skulls

By Alan Plastin

Just take a look around at the current fashion. Skulls are stylish and fashionable for both men and women alike. Although skulls used to be associated with skateboarders, grunge fashion, and alternative subcultures, now thanks to designers such as Ed Hardy, skulls are more mainstream and can literally be found everywhere. Skull motifs can be found on everything from jackets to purses to plates and key chains.

If you are searching for a way to add flavor to your personal checks, and want to bring your love of skulls to your checkbook, then you can even find skull-themed checks. These are popular and far more appealing than your standard plain bank checks, and nobody will forget the check that you hand them.

When you think of skulls, you might think sinister and gothic or you might think of the Halloween kind-complete with dangly skeleton and glaring smile. On the other hand, there are some good looking skull checks that are made for those individuals that love their skulls with a touch of color, as well which means that there is a little something for everyone.

Specifically, one check series contains a pattern of fiercely colored skulls on an edgy looking background. With each skull being a different color, the checks have a pulsating look and feel. You can also find coordinating address labels and a matching checkbook cover to go with them.

For the girlie girl who loves skulls, there is even a check design series that contains an image of a smiling skull, bright pink hair bow attached, plastered against a soft pink patterned background. These checks come in a series of four images, with each background being a different pattern, although the smiling skull remains the same. Each check that you write will have a different background than the one before it, giving you some variety.

Obviously, there are also check designs that do have the more bleak looking skulls, too. These are shown in bare black and white and might grab you if it is not the modishly panache, vibrant skulls of today that you prefer, but rather the chilling skulls of the past.

If you're interested in ordering checks with skulls, then keep in mind that by ordering them online you can save as much as 50% off the price that you might have paid at your local bank. This should be an incentive to those people who avoided ordering checks in the past due to the high cost and hassle of making a special trip to the bank to get them. When using a safe site you can save both time and money.

It's very simple to purchase your checks online. You only need to know your routing and checking account numbers so that they can be printed onto the checks. Usually, you can anticipate receiving them in about 3-5 days. - 31382

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