Burbank Houses Are A Total Find

By Julia Regal

For about three million dollars you can live in one of many spectacular Burbank houses. Three million dollars may seem like a great deal of money, and of course it is, however, one should keep an open mind until actually viewing these fabulous estate homes. Spectacular is indeed the most accurate word to describe these estates which are located in one of the finest locations in California.

In this area of Burbank, you will enjoy an amazing view overlooking the city. This is a neighborhood which is without a doubt, suitable for.. "Hollywood royalty.. ".

Okay, a great view for three million dollars? Oh no, that is just the beginning. The outsides of these homes are breathtaking just to start with. Talk about.... "curb appeal.... ". Imagine gated walls, rolling impeccably manicured grounds, and a modern castle like house along with it. Once inside, you will find enough bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate all of the relatives. Imagine having a miniature movie theater in your house, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, breakfast room and a formal dining room with paneled walls and vaulted ceilings. Fantastic, truly a bargain, even at three million dollars.

Okay, in reality, most of us do not have three million dollars in our housing budget. The median housing cost seems to be around five hundred thousand dollars, more or less. This will get you a lovely three bedroom one or two bath home, in a very nice neighborhood. If you really do your homework and search, you may find an even better bargain.

The weather in Burbank is fantastic. The average temperature is about sixty degrees with low humidity. There are lots of things to do, most of which can be done at any time of the year. Famous amusement parks, Hollywood movie studios, and world famous shopping areas are all a short drive from Burbank. For people who want to rub elbows with the stars, Burbank is a dream. It is all but impossible to live here without some encounter with the wealthy and famous. In fact, many of these folks have called Burbank home.

Burbank is known throughout California for it's top notch school system. So, moving here with children will be a great experience. Anyone moving to California should surely look at Burbank houses, they are sure to be delighted. - 31382

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