Got Poor Credit? A Number Of Wonderful Tips To Help You

By Mike Green

It is really likely that you don't have good credit. If not, there is wonderful news. Credit repair is something you can do for yourself. At times it is extremely unproblematic, at others times, it can be dreadfully trying.

You will require copies of your credit reports from each of the three major credit reporting agencies. You can get one each free from each company every year. You might qualify for more if you are rejected for a loan or application for credit. The agency that gave the report is responsible for your denial ought to send you a report on your request when ever you are rejected.

Look over the reports for problems. Keep a record of anything that you find. The mistakes can be in name, address or phone number. You will wish to confirm that the agency has the accurate information for you. You might not want to provide your current phone number as more creditors may get it from your report and initiate harassing calls to your home. Jot down any problems on the report.

Next look at the accounts that are being reported on your credit report. Are they in truth accounts that you opened? If there are any accounts that are being reported that are not yours, you must make a note of that info too.

If you have dreadful reports of accounts that became delinquent over six years ago, the great news is that they will drop off your report in less than a year. The greatest advice is to let sleeping dogs lie and they will go away silently.

Now you will need to start writing letters to the credit reporting agencies and challenge any inaccuracies on your report. Keep a copy of the letters you write and send your letter by certified mail, return receipt requested. Keep those receipts when they are returned to you.

After the letter is received, a credit reporting agency should verify with the company making the insulting report that it is being accurately reported. In the event that the info is incorrect or the reporting company does not verify the account with the credit reporting agency, the account needs to be taken away from your report. Owing to the fact that there is a time limit, a number of persons like to utilize the busy holiday period to send disputes. Given that companies might be busy with other things during this time, they might not report back to the credit reporting agency and the account can be deleted from your report. - 31382

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