Ways to Fine-Tune Your Business Plan

By Adriana Noton

Venturing into running your own business is not only very exciting, but it is also a very stressful time. There are many steps in the process that must be completed. One of these steps is acquiring the financing from a bank. In order to secure funding from a bank, you must have a sound business plan. You will be required to submit a thorough and professional business plan with the appropriate details that will show a bank that your business is a wise investment.

The following are a number of tips to fine tuning your business plan:

1. Your business plan should have a cover page and introductory letter. The cover page should identify that you are submitting the business plan and include your company name, logo, and contact information. The introductory letter will briefly state why you are submitting a business plan.

2. A table of contents is essential to a business plan. This will allow the reviewer to get a clear understanding about what they will read. It will also permit the reader to skip to different parts of the business plan.

3. The executive summary is a crucial part of the business plan. It explains why you will be successful. It will provide a summary of the most important parts of the business plan. It should engage the reader and make him or her want to read the entire plan.

4. You must provide the bank with the necessary financial details. This includes a detailed marketing and financial plan. The bank needs to know about your competition, your market, and the potential for growth in the market. You will have to show how you will bring in sources of revenue and operate your business in a fiscally responsible manner. You should also detail your expenses that include your start up costs and costs of maintaining the business.

5. It is important to detail your strengths in your business plan. You must show what gives you a competitive edge over other companies. You need to show that you understand your customer's needs and wants, and how you will fulfill them. The bank will want to know how you will reach your targeted customers and convey your message and product to them successfully. You must also explain your competitor's weaknesses and how you will take advantage of these weaknesses to compete for business.

6. The bank will want to know the viability of your product or service. Make sure you have tested your product or service with a sample of your targeted customers. This can include a focus group, survey, etc. A report should be provided outlining how you will grow and make adjustments to meet your customer's needs. You also need to show how the product or service will be made and what suppliers you will be using. You have to explain your basic requirements and how you will meet them.

7. Include a section about your management and staff. You should detail their skills, education, and experience. It should illustrate how they will make your business a success.

Regardless of your type of business, within your business plan you must provide the necessary details that will take the reviewer through the process of setting up and implementing a competitive and long term business. The business plan is a key tool to securing funding for your business venture. - 31382

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