The No Credit Check Personal Loan

By Jimi Morrison

There are dozens of people who take advantage of the opportunity to apply for personal loans such as payday loans. These are also called cash advances. To obtain one of these loans, someone can look at businesses found in their town or there are places which approve online. However, it is good to look for reputable businesses because there are many predatory lenders.

To search for a business which offers these cash advances, one can look online or in the telephone book. An example of a store that is found in many states is Check Into Cash. These businesses may also be apparent in town with signs advertising cash advances or payday loans.

These businesses also offer many other services aside from payday loans. For example, if you need to cash an employer check, they will do that for a small charge. They can print money orders, wire money transfers, and set up a bill pay service. You can also buy stamps, prepaid cards, and fax or copy documents.

These stores will require you to present paperwork or documentation in order for you to be approved for a payday loan. Most businesses require the following: a current bank statement, check stubs, proof of address, and check book. First, you must be a member of a bank with an open checking account. They would like to see two to three months of the last statements to assure you are in good standing with your bank. Next, they will need your last three or so check stubs to prove your employment to make sure the customer can pay back the loan. Next, they might need a copy of your telephone bill to assure you live at the address that you state. Lastly, you will need a check book matching your bank statement because you will write a check from which they will use to cash and receive your repayment.

The teller will collect these documents and review the items. Once approved, you can decide the amount you would like to loan. There are limits on the amount you can receive based on your monthly income. As an example, if you made less than $1500 per month, you may be eligible to only take $150 as a loan. However, if you made $3000 per month, you might be eligible for more, such as $255 per payday loan.

Each state has laws which only allow these stores to loan a certain amount to customers. Actual amounts in the following states are examples. Washington State can loan a maximum of $700, or Nevada can loan up to $5000 to people.

The interest on these loans is dependent on the state in which you apply. These loans are short-term, and you will be expected to repay these loans at your next payday. The check which you submit will be cashed by the company at the time of your payday as repayment. If you are paid biweekly or monthly, you will be expected to have a repayment amount at that time.

The interest on these loans are quite a bit larger than a loan through a regular bank, however, the services at these cash advance businesses only provide short-term loans. They are not doing credit checks which helps those who need loans, and their credit may not meet a bank's terms. They also provide a good service for those who need some extra cash until payday. - 31382

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