Let Coca Cola Make a Splash on Your Checks

By Alan Plastin

Coca Cola is truly an American tradition. You just can't beat sitting back with an ice cold Coca Cola on a hot summer day and what about those Coca Cola polar bears in the Christmas commercials in the wintertime? Coca Cola is one of the few products that is not just great tasting, but also inspires sentimentality since it has been passed down through the generations. Today, if you're tired of your boring and uninspired bank checks, you can even continue the Coca Cola tradition and have your checks reflect the "coke" institution.

Coca Cola has been beloved since '85. Today, it is sold around the world, but it got its start in Georgia at a local soda fountain. Coca Cola is so popular that it has even been credited with creating our modern image of Santa Claus.

Because Coca Cola is known around the world, everyone will recognize and understand the images that your checks contain. Another added benefit is that the checks are suitable for both sexes and all ages. Women needn't worry about them being too masculine and men can carry them without them being too "girly." After all, Coca Cola is for everybody!

You have a couple of options when it comes to choosing your Coca Cola checks. A popular series features nostalgic scenes featuring the drink. The images on these scenes transport you back to the '50's when Elvis was the king and soda fountains were the places to be scene. Poodle skirts and sideburns, of course, were optional.

Or, if it's not sentimentality that you're wanting for your checks, you might want to check out the Coca Cola Polar Bear series. These checks feature the famous Coca Cola bears playing, fishing, dragging a Christmas tree up the hill and generally having a good time while they drink their coke.

You are also able to purchase matching address labels and checkbook covers with the Coca Cola designs as well. The checkbook covers are good because they continue the Coca Cola theme as well as protect your checks.

It used to be costly to order personal checks that had designs on them. Thankfully, this is no longer true. You are now able to order your bank checks online where you have access to hundreds of images and designs. You can even save up to 50% of the price that you might have paid in the past at your local bank.

The good thing about ordering your checks online, other than the money it saves you, is that you have access to an assortment of images so it's incredibly easy to find the design that you want. You are also able to compare prices this way, too.

Ordering your Coca Cola checks online is easy. All you need are your credit account number and your routing number. These will be printed directly onto the checks themselves.

You should look forward to your Coca Cola arriving in the mail to you in about 5 days. That's about the same amount of time that it would have taken you to get your checks delivered if you had ordered them from your local bank. - 31382

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