How to Improve your Chances to Get a Boat Loan

By Justin Metzger

1.Two years ago getting a boat loan was substantially easier than it is now, however is is not impossible to get one now. Following these seven tips should increase your chances at qualifying and getting your dream yacht.

1. Run your credit, with all three agencies. As Equifax, Experian, and Transunion may all come up with different results. You want to check to make sure that all the information is correct and that you opened every account that appears. If you find one that you didn't open, you will need to submit forms to all three to dispute the creation of the accounts or the charges.

2. Improve your FICO score. Your FICO score measures you financial stability. You can improve your score by not using all of your credit space, and especially by having zero balance credit cards, paying your bills on time, and reducing the amount of debt you carry.

3. Put some "skin in the game." Lenders like to see that you have financial motivation to keep from defaulting on the loan. By putting down 20%, the bank sees that you have a motivation to keep repaying the loan, and if you are able to put down more than 20% many times lenders will be able to give you better terms.

4. Know your history. A bank will look at your credit score, and commitment to the loan by looking at the amount of your down payment, but they will also consider the rest of your history, including employment history, loan payment history, cash reserves, and the size of any previous loans. Banks hardly lend a significantly larger loan than the other loans you may have had in the past.

5. Get ready to prove your financial position. Because a yacht loan lender might end up owning your boat (if you default), they will want to know that you have the income to not only pay back the loan, but also take care of the boat, including maintenance and insurance. You will need to provide proof of YTD earnings, two years of tax returns, and a listing of all investments (including retirement accounts).

6. Understand how bank look at your debt and income. A bank will want to see that your monthly debt payments are not greater than 40% of your monthly earnings.

7. Choose the right representative. A yacht loan broker is an independent advocate that can connect you with every bank that provides boat loans (not all do), the criteria you should use when choosing your broker should be if they have a long standing, strong relationship with the banks. - 31382

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