How To Get a Replacement Social Security Card

By Jessica Latoya

As you may know, having a social security number is very important. This number is not only used for tax purposes. The social security number is now tied to everything credit related. If you want to apply for a credit card or get a loan, you have to give your social security number.

During your lifetime you may lose your social security card. It is not that big of a deal if you lost it so long as you memorized your social security number.

However, you may still want to get a social security card replacement just in case. Sometimes you may be asked to show your social security card as proof.

You are allowed to get 10 social security card replacements in your life. Also you are allowed at most 3 replacements per year. When you get your card, do not carry your card around with you. Put it in a safe place.

If someone stole your wallet or purse with your social security card in it, it could be damaging to your credit report. The criminal could use your social security number to apply for credit cards and destroy your credit rating.

To replace your social security card, you have to have the documentation to prove your identity. Documents that you can show are passports, certificates of naturalization, driver?s license, and employee work cards. Documents have to be the original or a copy issued by the agency.

Download a copy of the application for a social security card online. Fill out the form and send it to the social security office along with your documents. You can also go to the office directly and give them the application with documents.

After processing your application the social security office will send your documents back to you. You should also receive your new social security card replacement if all goes well. - 31382

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