A Diversified Portfolio Can Grow In Good Times And In Bad

By Martha Vasquez

Nobody has ever said that investing in the stock market is a sure thing, but there are some things that you can do that will better ensure your success. One of those things is to make sure that you have a diversified portafolio that will spread out your money and protect you. A lot of beginner investors fail to do this and as one company goes, so goes their entire portfolio.

Diversification in the stock market is like a life insurance policy. You can never be totally sure what one sector is going to do, but having your money spread out over various sectors allows you to get gains in one area when another one might be going backwards. Not every risky investment that you make is going to pay off and a diversified portfolio will help to offset those losses when they happen.

In order to be truly diversified, your investments will have to be in a variety of sectors and types of stock. Using counter cyclical and cyclical stocks is a great way to have your money in various areas where you can take some risks, but still have stable stock investments to fall back on. By having a solid mix of different sectors and cyclical and counter cyclical stocks, you are setting yourself up for success and removing a lot of the vulnerability that comes with investing in the stock market.

Cyclical stocks are the stocks that you will see rising and falling with the market on a daily basis. Recent examples of this would be the banking and auto industry. If you were lucky enough to catch them on the upswing, you are probably very wealthy right now. If not, you are now trying to find something to make up for all of your losses.

Of course, there are also cyclical stocks that do the opposite of what the general market is doing. When the market goes from bull to bear, these are the types of investments that you need to seek out to continue to keep your portfolio profitable. It can be a viscous ride at times, but research will go a long way in keeping your portfolio on the right side of the game.

In addition to your cyclical stocks, there is also the need to keep a decent mix of counter cyclical stocks as well. They may not show the large fluctuations that the other stocks do, but they are meant to give your portfolio balance and stabilization. It is the small annual profits on these types of stocks that will add up and allow some mistakes on the other end. Investing in things like food, gasoline and energy gives you the stability that you need in the investment world.

Last but not least, you have to look at the volatility of a stock. The riskier a stock is, the more likely it is to have a high degree of volatility. For those that do not have a strong stomach, this is unfortunate because this is where the larger gains are usually found. This is especially true with small cap stocks that fly up and down on a daily basis and that supply the killing zone for many day traders. You can win or lose a lot in a very short period of time with these stocks.

The moment you go into the stock market as an investor, one of the first goals that should be achieved is a diversified portfolio. Getting a stock tip is great, but investing every penny of your bankroll is nothing but foolish. Spread out your money and allow yourself the luxury of making some small mistakes that can be absorbed while at the same time maximizing your potential for profits. - 31382

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