Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance

By Chris Bird

Unemployment numbers are rising higher than usual in the USA. So many families need to refinance their mortgages because they have lost their jobs and are getting less money from unemployment than they did when they were working. Some people are finding it difficult to get a bad credit refinance due to having bad credit and having less income.

So many credit companies are becoming stricter with their lending policies, and income and credit are the top two. They just will not give a person with lower income and bad credit a chance. They do not care if you have always been caught up on payments in the past or not. None of those things matter to them. They are mainly trying to avoid what may happen. You may need to use your credit cards to pay for everything if you lose your income and they are afraid that they would not get paid.

Thank God there are companies out there who will let people with bad credit and lower incomes to refinance their mortgage. These companies usually have employees who get paid on commission, so they really want to close a deal with you even more. They will work hard to get you a loan! These companies are lenient. They do not care if you have been late before on payments. They need you just as much as you need them.

You may find that a company will refer you to another lending company, one that will suit your needs better. One company is the FHA, which is more lenient than most companies. They are there for people with low income and bad credit or no credit. They will not expect you to pay a high down payment either. They ask for as little as 3.5% down at times. Even if you have had a bankruptcy within the last three years, you can get a loan through the FHA. This company will help you with bad credit home loans.

Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers are more understanding about things like having had late payments or other related issues. These brokers know that stuff happens during our lifetime and we may need extra help and a second chance. Most of these bad credit lenders have great relationships with their underwriters and can talk to them on your behalf and get you the loan that you need.

Before you go and find a lender or try to get a loan, you may want to get a copy of your credit report. There are a couple of ways to get a copy. One is by going to the credit reporting websites and asking for a free credit report, which you can do once a year. The second way to get a credit report and work on fixing your credit is by contacting someone like CCCS. The three credit reporting agencies will offer you ways to fix your credit (like paying more than the minimum payment due for credit card payments each month) and so will CCCS. Ultimately, you can get your own report, see what is on there, and try to fix some yourself, too. If there are any errors on your report, make sure that you dispute these with the credit reporting agencies. They will fix any errors on there.

Now, you are ready to look for a bad credit mortgage broker. You want to make sure to get a good faith estimate form the broker. Try to get a good faith estimate from at least three bad credit mortgage brokers. This way, you can compare the three and choose the one that will give you more and cost you less. When you are applying for a bad credit refinance, always ask for a good faith estimate.

Don't be too hasty, like the old saying goes. "Haste makes waste." Take your time, relax, shop around, and ask others about a bad credit mortgage company that they may have heard of. Maybe your own friends or relatives have used a lender who offers loans to people with bad credit. It is safer to use one that has good references. You can trust that they are honest and legit companies if you have had people who are close to you use these same lenders. Always make sure to check out any company thoroughly. The BBB is a great place to confirm whether a company is a good one to choose or not. If they had some bad marks, did they resolve them or are they still in dispute. Weigh out everything and be safe. - 31382

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