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By Mike Gasterson

Business colleagues may be on better rates, or you might feel that you are simply being ripped off by your bank! The banks seem to have fees around every corner. There are many reasons, but to the onlooker or customer they seem to have all options covered to their advantage. When you use a bank for credit card facilities it is no different.

Do you think you get on well with your bank manager? See what happens when you go to negotiate your credit card terminal. Quite often this is an area of the bank where your manager will have little control. It is a specialised area and can easily cost you hundreds of dollars extra per year in bank fees if you are not prepared to shop around. So how do you shop around for credit card terminal fees?

Already have a terminal ?Start by going to your bank or credit card terminal provider and asked for a rate review. The answer will most likely be no. However, even if your bank concedes that you are on a very high rate and offers to lower the merchant service fee percentage you will most likely get locked into a contract with unforgiving break fees.

A credit card terminal facility is essential in todays business environment. There are a number of reasons for this. Not everyone has cash on them these days, but they do have credit cards. Sometimes people prefer to pay with credit and pay later. Whatever the reasons it is best to accept credit cards with a terminal. Make the most out of the situation. How can this be done ? You can find the best package deal for your business by shopping around.

When doing you research be sure to consider an Eftpos Broker or Merchant Services Broker? This option is usually the best way to go. They may or may not be dedicated to one banks merchant services. The point is that the Broker should do their absolute best to save you money with your merchant credit card terminal fees. That is their job.

In most cases the service will usually be free of charge to you the customer, or you may be required to pay a portion of the savings you make. The free of charge service is the preferred option. Why pay for a service that is provided free of charge ?

Rates will vary from bank to bank and financial institution. This is usually because of a combination of factors. Primarily the number of credit card terminals they have in the market versus the number of active credit cards they have issued. In Australia Eftpos Terminal rental ranges from $9.50 per month to $50. Mobile credit card terminal starts at $29.50 through to $95.00 per month.. Virtual Credit Card terminals do have establishment fees, and transaction fees. You should not have to pay any terminal rental for obvious reasons.

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