Show Your Pride in Firefighters with Your Bank Checks

By Alan Plastin

Do you love someone who works as a firefighter? Are you a firefighter yourself? If you are a firefighter, or someone you know is, then a great way to show your pride is through your personal bank checks. You will be able to show everyone how you feel when you carry checks that contain images of one of the most dangerous occupations in the world.

As everyone knows, we need firefighters. When all other people are coming out of a burning building, it is the firefighter who is bravely going in. Not only is bravery a requirement, but a firefighter must also be physically in shape and be able ti think on their feet. It is not a profession that the majority of people out there can have.

If you would like to pay homage to 9/11 then you should consider the "American Heroes" check series. The image contained on these checks show the American Flag being raised at Ground Zero in New York City by firefighters. Some of the proceeds from these checks go to The Bravest Fund and the North Jersey Media Group Disaster Relief Fund. You can also buy coordinating accessories with these checks such as a matching checkbook cover, contact cards, and address labels.

The "Day the Angels Cried" checks also pay tribute to the firefighter heroes from 9/11. The images on these checks are based on the painting by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt. Profits from these checks also go toward a charity- the New York Firefighters 911 Disaster Relief Fund.

You can also purchase two different fire engine check series if your pride is best shown through designs of fire trucks. The "Modern Fire Trucks" checks contain images of modern fire trucks while the "Antique Fire Trucks" checks have pictures of fire trucks dating back to the early 1900's.

The "Courage Under Fire" firefighter checks are probably the most popular series. These checks contain images of ordinary heroes who risk their lives on a daily basis in order to serve and protect others. The Maltese Cross, the symbol of a firefighter's commitment, is on every check.

Additional check designs contain firefighters speeding into a building aflame, as well as firefighters riding on top of a fire truck, presumably on their way to yet another emergency and hazardous conditions.

The majority of the check series allows you to obtain coordinating accessories to complete your homage to the firefighter. Additionally, you can get most of the checks in either duplicate or single form. The duplicate checks are great since they leave a copy behind of each check that you write out. You won't forget a transaction with this fantastic record-keeping system.

Not that far back, it was a long and costly ordeal to purchase personal bank checks. Not anymore, though. Buying your checks on the Internet will let you save as much as 50% off the price that your bank might have charged you. There are many reputable websites out there that are safe. It typically takes about 5 days for your checks to get to you. This might even be a faster method than getting them from your bank! - 31382

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