Love Greyhounds? Use Them On Your Personal Checks!

By Alan Plastin

Do you love greyhounds? Is your family mascot a greyhound? There are very few dogs that are as intelligent, loving, and loyal as a greyhound. They easily adapt to families that already have other pets and small children, and they are very loyal to their owners. They can form attachments to their "family" and there is no other breed of dog that is faster in speed. If you love a greyhound and would like to bring awareness to them and show your support for your favorite canine friend, then you might want to think about using the greyhound's image on your personal bank checks.

Greyhounds have been loyal and working with man since around the 5th and 6th centuries. In the past, due to their keen eyesight, they were used for hunting. The "hound" part of their name goes back to the Old English word "hund" which means "hound."

Greyhounds are fast. They can reach speeds of 43 miles per hour-one of the reasons that they are the mascot for the American bus company. Their speed means that they are used for racing, however. While dog racing has its fans and protesters, the bad thing that can happen to a greyhound is that once it "retires" from racing it is sometimes not very well taken care of, and even abused. As a result, many greyhound activist groups have started up and there are various organizations that exist in order to rescue and adopt greyhounds in order to protect them.

The greyhound is also used as a mascot for several universities as well, including Loyolla College in Maryland, Eastern New Mexico University, Assumption College, and the University of Indianapolis.

There are a couple of different greyhound check options. The series generally contain beautiful greyhound photographs.

Checks that bring awareness to greyhound rescue organizations can also be purchased. The "Support Your Local Greyhound Rescue" series does not support a specific organization, but it does bring awareness to the movement in general. This specific check series features beautiful photographs of greyhounds as the backgrounds to the checks. They come in four rotating designs.

A matching checkbook cover with the words "Adopt a Greyhound, make a friend for life" can also be bought with these checks in order to coordinate your accessories.

Some greyhound checks give you a place where you can write in your own special message. If you have a favorite quote or saying that is personal to you then this can be a good way of making your checks even more personalized.

Another interesting feature that some greyhound checks offer is the "Security Photo" feature. This actually puts your photograph right onto the check itself. This can be a great security feature.

It could be time-consuming and costly to order personalized checks in the past. A special trip to the bank had to be taken, they didn't always have the images that you wanted, and then you had to wait what seemed like forever for your checks to arrive. Now, you can save money and time by ordering them on the internet. You can even save up to 50%.

You will need your routing number and checking account number when you purchase your checks online. They should arrive to you in the mail in about 5 days. - 31382

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