Bring Awareness to Ducks Unlimited Using Your Personal Checks

By Alan Plastin

Ducks Unlimited is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving wetlands, water fowl, and habitat preservation. They currently have 775,000 members throughout the United States and Canada.

Ducks Unlimited is committed to preserving wetlands for North America's water fowl through restoration and management. If you belong to this organization, or you just want to help spread awareness of it, then you should certainly think about purchasing and carrying Ducks Unlimited personal bank checks.

On January 29, 1037, Joseph Knapp founded Ducks Unlimited due to a rising concern amongst him and some other similarly minded individuals. They were concerned about the destruction of wetland habitats and how that might impact their hunting of water fowl.

Ducks Unlimited was also established in Canada in 1938. Eventually, chapters also opened in New Zealand, Latin America, Australia, and Mexico.

Just in North America, 11.6 million acres of water fowl habitats has been preserved by Ducks Unlimited. Local governments, individuals, landowners, and corporations partner with the company in order to restore what has already been damaged as well as to prevent further degradation of the habitats. Each year, the organization takes in about $200 million dollars in revenue which is good since 88% of that goes towards habitat conservation.

Ducks Unlimited normally places its importance on science and research. Some of the approaches that they use comprise of obtaining wetlands for preservation, educating landowners, restoring watersheds and grasslands, replanting forests, and conservation easements.

The Ducks Unlimited check series contains 4 rotating designs and can be purchased along with matching address labels and contact cards, as well as a coordinating leather checkbook cover that is complete with an embossed design of the official Ducks Unlimited logo.

The checks themselves feature water fowl in various stages of flight, including flying over a snowy field, over a stretch of farmland, and two images of water fowl in their natural water habitat.

The checkbook cover itself is gender-friendly and neutral. It is brown leather and since it costs less than $20 it is a good way of protecting your newly acquired checks.

If you would like to bring awareness and support to the Ducks Unlimited organization with your personal checks, don't let the former high cost of personal bank checks keep you from purchasing them. If you order your checks online at a reputable site you can save as much as 50% off the cost of your checks.

Another great thing about ordering your checks online is that you have access to a large assortment of designs and images. In the past, your bank might not have had the images that you wanted so you found yourself settling for something that you weren't that crazy about.

All you need when purchasing your Ducks Unlimited checks online is your routing number and checking account number. The checks should be delivered to you in about 5 days. - 31382

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